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1972 Ferrrari Dino GT




  • SOLD
  • Body Type: Coupe
  • Dealer Location: Madrid
  • Year Built: 1972
  • Engine Size: 2.4L
  • Trans: Manual
  • Fuel Type: Gas

Named for Enzo Ferrari’s son, Alfredino, who died in 1956 at the age of 24 as the result of muscular dystrophy, the Dino was, fittingly, a ‘baby’ Ferrari that was dimensionally smaller and more nimble than any other street Ferrari. Its mid-placed engine was a Ferrari first for a street car, and the engine itself is a gem: a lovely quad cam V6 that reflected the lessons learned from producing V6s for Dino race cars like the 206 SP. The styling for the car was done by Pininfarina, and remains to many one of the most beautiful and exotic Ferraris of the period. Certainly the view from the driver’s seat over the two prominently curved fenders is one of the most evocative roadgoing driver’s seat views, and combined with the lovely noise of the V6 and the balanced chassis makes for a truly pleasurable vintage car experience.

This particular car is a European market car that was imported to the United States in the 1970s and federalized with the addition of US side marker lights. It has been in California since at least 1977, and has been with its most recent owner in Northern California since March of 1984, when he purchased it from a seller in Southern California. The car had a pre-purchase inspection by Ferrari of Santa Monica performed, at which time the car showed 80,000 kilometers (50,000 miles). The long term owner of 29 years kept fastidious records and maintained the car conscientiously, adding 23,000km to bring the car to its current reading of 02822 kilometers (65,000 miles).

For almost that entire period, since the mid 80s, the car has been maintained by the same shop and has seen a recent thorough mechanical rebuild, including engine and transaxle, front and rear suspension, and brakes. The car was also cosmetically restored. In the last 1200 miles, the car had an engine rebuild to include polished crank, machine work to the heads, new valves, guides, and springs, new starter, rebuilt alternator, rebuilt carburetors, and new seals throughout. The transmission was also rebuilt with new sliders and synchromeshes, resurfaced flywheel, new clutch and pressure plate, and new throwout bearing. The suspension was also rebuilt front and rear, including ball joints, shock bushings, sway bar bushings, tie rod ends, and a new steering rack. The brake calipers were also rebuilt. This work was all performed by Stewarts Automotive, which was previously John’s Automotive Center, the Italian car specialist in Sacramento, California. The car also received a new interior and a full repaint in recent years.

The car is in excellent cosmetic condition and presents crisply. The paint was done to high standards and the body has very good to excellent fit and gaps throughout. The wheels have been restored and are excellent, and the car sits on correct Michelin XWX tires. The chrome is excellent throughout save for some light scratches on the window trims. The bumpers are excellent, as are the lights and glass.

The interior was thoroughly redone to high standards, displaying excellent workmanship throughout. The leather seats were correctly redone and the leather is pleasantly mellowed. The door panels are excellent, and the dashboard and center console were also redone in leather. The red carpets are excellent as well. The center console and dashboard have both been redone in leather. The instruments and controls are excellent and the car is fitted with manual windows, which saves the hassle associated with Ferrari’s notoriously nonchalant power windows of the period.

The engine compartment is clean, detailed, and generally correct in appearance. The airbox and valve covers are both black wrinkle finished and it is clear that the engine has been recently restored on the outside and thoroughly disassembled for maintenance. The rear trunk is correctly restored with correct loop carpeting and plastic liner panels that are like new. The front compartment is also highly detailed with pristine plastic liner tray, correct fuse block and cover, and correct windscreen washer fluid bag. The spare is a matching Cromadora alloy with XWX tire and correct hold-down.

This is an exceptional opportunity to acquire a turnkey Dino that has been lovingly owned and fastidiously maintained by the same California owner for almost three decades. Extraordinary complete and ready to enjoy, this car shows tremendous pride of ownership with recent rebuilds of all major mechanical components, as well as significant cosmetic restoration. It comes with tool roll with tools, jack bag with jack, owner’s manual, USA supplement to owner’s manual, parts catalog, and workshop service manual. It also has service records back to 1984 showing the level of care and attention that the car received, as well as a variety of used parts that have been saved from the car over the years.


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