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The Classic Road Collection Car


  • The Classic Road Collection Car
  • Dealer Location: Madrid
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  • Fuel Type: Gas

This unit is an extreme recreation of the 3.0 CSL gr 2 race car. It is based on an E9 from 1973. The car was built in 2010 to the highest standard for Mr Ralf Floman who achieved an incredible score. It is a nut and bold restoration with a BMW M50 engine offering over 430 HP. The body panels are made in Kevlar reducing the weight to the minimum. Weight 990 kg. Dry-sumped engine with the most solid and best possible advanced racing technology of its period. It comes with the most sophisticated and robust roll-cage, bucket seat, Martelius exhaust system, adjustable suspensions, state-of-the-art fuel tank, Motec ace ECU, electric injectors, Getrag gearbox 265/5 dogleg with streat gears, 188 with 5.11 BMW differential, slip differntial at 40% and a long  etc…

Score achieved for the Historic Racing of Finland:

- 2007

7 races, 7 wins, 7 podiums

- 2008

7 races, 2 wins, 5 podiums

- 2009

6 races, 1 win, 4 podiums

- 2010

7 races, 1 win, 5 podiums

- 2011

2 races, 1 win, 2 podiums

- 2014

1 race, 1 win, 1 podium

- 2015

2 races, 2 wins, 2 podiums

It raced about 50 times, achieving around 20 wins and most of the rest finished in the podium

An unbeatable beast to defeat every car of its period. Probably the most aggressive and fast E9 in the world.


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