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1963 Barn find Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible 3C


Famous for their incredible craftsmanship, brilliant engineering solutions, and complete disregard for cost accounting with respect to those engineering solutions, pre-Fiat Lancias are, in many ways, in a class of their own. The Flaminia was the flagship during these years, with elegant and strong Superleggera bodies by Touring and sophisticated engineering features. Disc brakes, inboard at the rear, were standard, as was an all aluminum V6, descendant of one of the first V6 engines built. Rear suspension was of the de Dion type and a fully synchronized rear-mounted transaxle (Lancia’s first) was also part of the specification. The car is full of fascinating engineering details showing that at Lancia during this period, it was engineers, not accountants who made decision. A quick look in the engine compartment reveals an external oil cooler, as well as a neat set of thermostatically actuated mechanical blinds over the radiator. The Flaminia was available in a number of coupe, convertible, or sedan configurations, and this particular example is a very rare Touring bodied Convertible.

Lancias are interesting cars, often with interesting owners, whom together tell an interesting story. This particular car was ordered new by a US customer of Lancia. The car was completed in 1963 and registered for the first time in New York in 1965. It remained in the USA for its entire life.

The car was originally finished in silver with green leather, and equipped at the factory with the desirable 2.5 litre, three carburetor engine specifications. The car has only accumulated 56,237 miles. During the nineties, the car was repainted in burgundy color.

The car is matching numbers, never re-stamped, with chassis number 82415-2160 and engine number 82310-13743. The total production run of the Flaminia Convertible Touring in the 2.5 Liters triple carbs configuration were only 246 units.

Horsepower: 140 bhp DIN, SAE @5600 rpm
Torque: 203 lb @ 3600 rpm
Transmission: 4-Speed gearbox
Front- Independent with unequal-length wishbones, coil springs, hydraulic shock absorbers, stabilizer bar.
Rear- Solid axle de Dion with semi-elliptic leaf springs, Panhard rod, stabilizer bar.
Front- Dunlop discs
Rear- Dunlop discs
Top Speed: 200 km/h


With production numbers for the Lancia Flaminia Convertible being so small (less than half of the number of the stylish Flaminia coupe), this car was originally purchased by a Lancia collector who drove it sparingly and kept it in their inventory for over 30 years. Classic Road aquired this vehicle after the owner had since retired it following a minor collision. The vehicle had been stored for several years in the back of an old out-building on the original owners’ property.

This rare example is very complete and almost all original. The color was changed by the first owner some years back from silver and the paint shows a very flattering patina. The interior is completely original and this numbers matching car maintains the original 2.5L V-6 with the triple Weber carburettor setup. A non running car, this could make an excellent project for a rare and beautiful driver that most people have never even seen.

These cars are well known by avid collectors as being great drivers. Handling well around the bends and maintaining a firm, yet comfortable ride, some of the ground-breaking features offered by Lancia when this vehicle was rolling out of the factory in Milan keep it well known in small circles for being an excellent and elegant platform for your weekend cruises.

Today the car remains in fully original condition with no missing parts. The body is straight and solid. The interior leather is still original, and still appears to be fresh.

This is a great opportunity to acquire an unmolested example with the most desirable engine specification. If driving a contemporary Maserati or Ferrari is like putting on a pair of flashy athletic shoes, then a Lancia is more like a tailored sport jacket. They are understated but sophisticated, and appeal to enthusiasts who appreciate the fine qualities of the car. This particular example is a unique barn find, is accompanied by an US Certificate of  Title.

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