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2005 Ferrari 575 Superamerica (1 of 599 units made)



  • -
  • Body Type: Convertible
  • Trans: Semi-Auto
  • Fuel Type: Gas
  • Ext color: Rosso Escuderia
  • Int color: black

The Ferrari 575M Maranello (Type F133) is a two-seat, two-door, grand tourer manufactured by Italian automobile manufacturer Ferrari. Launched in 2002, it is essentially an updated 550 Maranello featuring minor styling changes from Pininfarina. The 575M was replaced by the 599 GTB in the first half of 2006.

Updates from the 550 included a redesigned interior as well as a number of mechanical improvements, including bigger brake discs, a larger and more powerful engine, improved weight distribution, refined aerodynamics and fluid-dynamics along with an adaptive suspension set-up (the four independent suspensions are also controlled by the gearbox, to minimize pitch throughout the 200-milliseconds shift time). Two six-speed transmissions were available, a conventional manual gearbox and, for the first time on a Ferrari V12, the “F1″ automated manual gearbox built by Graziano Trasmissioni. The 575 model number refers to total engine displacement in centiliters, whilst the ‘M’ is an abbreviation of modificata (“modified”).

For 2005, the company released a Superamerica version (a limited run of 559 retractable hardtop variants of the coupé), along with raising the power from 515 PS (379 kW; 508 hp) to 540 PS (397 kW; 533 hp).



The F133E V12 Engine


Interior with F1 paddleshift gearbox

  • Maximum speed: 325 km/h (202 mph)
  • 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph): 4.2 seconds
  • 0–400 m: 12.25 seconds
  • 0-1,000 m: 21.9 seconds

All figures for F1 gearbox (+0.05 second for the manual gearbox)


  • Front track: 1,632 mm (64.3 in)
  • Rear track: 1,586 mm (62.4 in)
  • Fuel capacity: 105 L (27.7 US gal)

Introduced in 2005, the Ferrari Superamerica was a convertible version of the 575M Maranello; it featured an electrochromic glass panel roof which rotated 180° at the rear to lie flat over the boot taking 60 seconds for operation. Patented Revocromico the roof incorporates a carbon-fiber structure that is hinged on the single axis with a luggage compartment lid, allowing access to the latter even with an open roof. The roof was manufactured in collaboration with French glass specialist Saint Gobain. With the roof open, the rear window, apart from holding the third stoplight, also acts as a wind deflector. This roof design was previously used on a 2000 Alfa Romeo Vola, designed by Leonardo Fioravanti. The Superamerica used the higher-output tune of the V12 engine used on the 575M, codenamed the F133 G, rated at 540 PS (397 kW; 533 hp) and Ferrari marketed it as the world’s fastest convertible car, with a top speed of 320 km/h (199 mph).

Total production amounted to only 559 units; this number followed Enzo Ferrari‘s philosophy that there should always be one fewer car available than what the market demanded.

This particular car is a one owner car since new and went sold new through the official Korean Ferrari dealer Kuz Plus Corporation to one of the most important and famous VIP´s of the Korean society. It was always serviced by then until 2014 went they closed and then later on by the new Ferrari dealer FMK Corp when they opened its doors in 2014 and until today. It went serviced for the last time by FMK Corp on April 6th, 2023 including timing belt and a new set of tires.

The car looks and drives as new, showing on the odometer real 7’500 miles, which can be proven with the yearly inspection of the Korean official Motor Vehicle Department as well as with the FMK Corp Ferrari dealer invoices. It comes with its original leather pouch including all its books except for the service book which remained with Kuz Plus Corp but it comes with all invoices from the official Ferrari dealer FMK Corp showing in 2014 a mileage of less than 2’000 miles so almost new when they started servicing the car and until the last service done by them which shows the mileage of  7’414, which correspond to almost the actual mileage on the car. It comes with its two original ignition keys as well as both remote controls, its car cover, all set of original tools, first aid kit, flat tyre repair kit, steering wheel cover, seats cover, etc….

It was never crashed or repainted except for the front bumper which was just refreshed to cover the tiny stone chips created by the normal road use. Pic available of the bumper before and after the refreshment to prove the absence of any minor dent or damage. It was originally manufactured in its actual and very desirable Rosso Scuderia showing its original sticker inside the engine compartment with code FER-323. This color differs substantially from the most common Ferrari  Corsa and makes it look astonishing. The elegant black interior shows almost no wear of use and the car drives and works as new. The paint, exterior rubbers, wheels, floors and interior look excellent. The opening and closing of the roof top operate perfectly but only the dimming system of the roof is defect as in the majority of the 575 Superamerica. It was a well known factory defect expressed on every Superamerica specialized chats. The car is a US version which spent its entire life in Korea, registered under the same owner’s name and until it was purchased by us and then imported in the UAE (Dubai) on May 2023. This very limited edition vehicle can be sold everywhere and even be reimported back in the US as it shows the specific decal with the US homologation allowing the car to be reimported and registered in the US, Canada and the majority of markets.

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